Tier-One FTR Bipod

The Tier-One FTR Bipod is the ultimate in stability with a height adjustable range of 120mm and a maximum footprint of 475mm.
Get on target easily with the precise capstan wheel, and adjust for cant using the pod-lock until a suitable level of stability is reached.

Paired with a CMH front rest bag the skids on the TIER-ONE Evo bipod tracks perfectly well on uneven terrain as well as it does on a shooting bench, providing the user a repeatable platform for each shot with minimal disturbance to the shooting position.

Mil-spec hard-coat anodised to 30 microns in black or titanium grey


- 150mm-250mm Height adjustability to the underside of the rifles stock

- 475mm Footprint (At Lowest Position)

- 590g Weight

- Ships with both the Anschütz and Sling Swivel Stud Adaptors as standard

- Designed For Static Precision Shooting 

Tier-One Tactical bipod 

The new Bipod from Tier-One Tactical bipod  

5 Axis machined from premium 7075-T6 Aluminium stock, its strength to weight ratio leaves its competitors collapsing under the stress. Tolerances are kept to class leading standards, whilst offering a progressive design with minimal clutter to leave you with everything you could ever need from a bipod.

Multi-Foot options available, including Spikes, Claws and Ski’s. Available in either Swivel and Pan or Swivel only, the end user has full command over being perfectly level and stable before taking a shot. The new Tier-One Tactical Bipod offers all the support the long range / precision / completion shooter or hunter needs.

Available in 230mm and 180mm leg lengths in either 7075T6 Aluminium or Carbon Fibre sleeved, it allows for a useful height range of 7"-9" or 9"-11"

Weights from 318g to 398g depending on model selected.

Optional 50mm Leg Extensions available if extra height is required.

Supplied with a tough Cordura case and pod-lock and quick-detach picatinny as standard.

CMH Precision Custom Equipment

Super sling 2Gen 

The new  Gen2  Super Sling with bungee rear section will take your positional shooting to the next level.. Available now

On first sight little seems to have changed, and that's because we chose to stick with what has been proven to work well.

So, we have retained all the good and then introduced an elastic 'Bungee' rear section. This enables the user to use more of his / her back and shoulder muscles for greatly improved stability and greater convenience during carry.

The result is a noticeable improvement in stability out of every position, and the effect is magnified when you are shooting a heavier rifle, or when used by women and children who often lack the upper body strength required to break steady those steady shots.

a Further benefit is that our Gen 2 sling makes it easier to get in and out of a shooting position, a great aid in more dynamic shooting environments like PRS / NRL, 3 Gun or when out hunting.

We are so impressed with the feedback from our demo testers, together with our own experience that we have decided to cease production of the original Super Sling and now offer the Gen 2 only.

Picatinny Accessory rail

Hard anodised Aluminum rails .. Hard soos Staal maar baie meer weerbestandig

Weatherman Cap

Tuck in neck protection

Wind resistant

Water resistant

UV protection

This outdoor hat is light and airy but offers maximum sun protection, with a breathable mesh on the crown,

Adjustable bungee cord fastener and concealed neck protection flap. Elastic head fastener with slide toggle

And towelling sweatband. This hat is ideal for outdoor sport. Available in Sand and Olive green. 

Angler CAP

UV Protected Polyester Cotton

Adult Size

Self-Fabric Velcro Strap

Back Flap for Added Neck Protection

This outdoor hat is light and airy but offers maximum sun protection. Available in sand and olive


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