Super Sling

  • Specially made 38mm wide 2Ton webbing for unsurpassed strength, abrasion resistance and all round durability
  • LOWY USA hardware (millspec buckles, clips and loops)
  • Uncle Mikes style QD fittings
  • Supporting arm loop belt, fully and adjustable in terms of tension and length

Allowed in any SA Hunters tables or SA Hunting Rifle (Veldskiet) competitions

NEW Addition to sling


Non slip inner 

Installation instructions for stopper

Stopper eliminates over tightening of the arm loop once the desired amount of grip has been determined.

Additionally it allows the user to set the ideal arm tension and ensure that it remains consistent.

1: Fit loop correctly around your upper bicep

2: Mark the spot behind the sliding buckle.

3: Use a toothpick or something similar to make a hole through the center of the belt in line with the mark. Be careful not to damage or break the strains of the material in the process