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At CMH Precision Custom Equipment we admire how, often little things make a big difference. We just love how seemingly simple products can offer dynamic benefits when put to proper use. As a company we also have a deep-rooted respect for products that take everything you throw at them and stand up to the rigours of modern day sport shooting, hunting and/or dynamic tactical use.
CMH precision Custom Equipment was founded with the explicit goal, a clear mandate to offer such uncompromising quality gear to the broader shooting community. Products that offer real life benefits, products that inspire confidence, and becomes trusted as the go-to gear you know won’t let you down when the heat is on and conditions or competition gets tough.
First and foremost we are hunters and sport shooters ourselves. We have for many years observed the dynamics and challenges of our sport to better understand which products really make a difference and why. Our ear is constantly on the ground, taking care to be on the lookout for, and listening to the ever evolving needs of the modern day shooter. Whether you are in the line of fire, on the firing line, hunting the great outdoors or simply for responsible recreational training or enjoyment CMH is looking out for you.
Every CMH Precision Custom product was developed with a critical component – expert input, then made without compromise to offer a more consistently enjoyable and rewarding shooting experience.
Obviously we know we are not alone and we are constantly searching for like-minded companies and brands who are willing to stand shoulder to shoulder with us in supplying the gear that will allow us to make our clients shooting success our own.
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